How AI and VR are shaping the future?

AI is the new world now. Artificially created world, be it the gaming platform or the virtually created space, we just enjoy it all. Starting from the 3D films to the 5D films, the experience of the artificial world and world created by VR has become the new age fantasy and the fifth-generation guys are enjoying that. Instead of creating the real thing the people are getting that experience via VR display and VR effect.  Thus, the artificially created world of games and the computer is winning over the people, who play those games and create a healthy competition amongst the player who is playing, and later he strives hard to win over it, and once he understands the game, then he wins it. Isn?t this wonderful?

Few friends who come together and play those games that are not possible in reality; such games are well suited only on the virtual and gaming platforms. For example, like the men fighting with the swords or people chasing one another, all these are not possible in reality; and they give a sense of competition amongst all of us. Apart from these there are many other examples where we can see the magic of AI and VR and experience these things that we can?t do otherwise.

The new reality

The virtual reality world takes us to the journey that becomes unforgettable. It’s for the kids as well as the young, and old who can experience some various things that would not be possible, in reality. The virtual space is also for the cartoons and children?s films in animation and for the kids who enjoy these programs created using 3D effects and inputting the artificial intelligence creatively.  Also, this extends to the pre-schools and schools where the kids are made to play and learn with the apps that are created using these technologies.

Digital twin is another such experience using AI and VR technologies. The finest example of that is the car wheel alignment that is used nowadays. The car relates to the computer that gets the digital twin of the wheel in the computer screen and with clicking of the buttons on the computer the wheel gets aligned automatically. Isn?t this such a wonderful invention? There are several other such digital twin examples now, for example, in a large oil and energy company, the engineers can now be able to open and close the large remotely placed tanks through the computer. They don?t need to go to the tanks personally. And another wonderful experience is the advertisement that we see where, now the people can turn on or off their homes ACs with their mobiles remotely where they are, and are not needed to be present at home. What is all this, its digital twin technology.

With the advent of these new technologies that we have seen, this all takes us to the next technology that is ?Internet of things? or ?IOT? that is commonly known. All the digital twin examples we have seen, are possible due to IOT and its immersive technology into our daily lives and into the electronics and electrical things and they are getting them into the Internet and getting them connected to the powerful world of technology.

Amplifying the idea of entering the cyber space and managing the outside world things is what has made us achieve the state of art technology in all the things. The control that is in our hands today is much more than expected. This is certainly the blessing of these new technologies and new inventions that has finally led us to see robotics and robots working together to make our lives easier and faster.  Predominantly they show their actions wherever we have used them. Today the bots help us do the most repetitive tasks that we used to do manually and hence we can concentrate on some other more important and useful work to do. The essence of these technologies is now seen in almost every field, retail, manufacturing, marketing, medical, engineering, finance, banking, utilities, energy and many more other fields.

Nowadays we are even used to these magical technologies that we ourselves insist on having them with us and implement in our day to day lives. The pretext of all this brings with it the security, the confidence, the agility, and the happiness in the lives of people. When we drive the car and then do small things like knowing the wheels and the air in it, the beep sounds and the alert information for wearing the seat belts and then the advent of the maps and the navigation guiding us through the unknown roads and yet reach our destination properly. These are all wonderful things that we need and care about.  Just imagine life without these things, we can?t.

What?s ahead?

Why are we so much liking all these technologies is because we all human beings are explorers? We like to explore and want to know the unknown and see all these technologies show us some amount of future, like the maps showing us if there is a traffic jam ahead. The remotes show us that we can switch on and off at the place where we are sitting, and the robots show us things that humans can do.

I am completely imbued and touched with these technologies and personally speaking they are really helping me out every day with my work, with my comfort and with my command that precisely boosts my life in a magical manner. This all is possible once we accept that the internet and computer technologies are part of our lives and when I investigate the intelligence that it invokes, I became a fan of these technologies. Probably I would not like to live without these small things as I am not only attached but etched with these and they bring up new ways for me to approach my life by primarily enhancing and enriching my experience in whatever I do.

The author is Manager – IT at Atos India

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