How DigiBoxx leveraging tech to deliver cost-effective storage

Indigenously developed file storage and cloud sharing startup, DigiBoxx has been harnessing the capabilities of cloud and AI to expand its offerings for enterprises and meet the challenge of delivering cost-effective digital storage solutions. The company offers enterprise storage subscriptions for as slow as Rs 999 per month with 500 GB of storage and 50 users, one of the most affordable options in the market.

Launched by Niti Aayog in 2020, DigiBoxx claims to be the country’s first digital asset management and storage platform and competes with the likes of Google Drive and DropBox service. “We don’t have a national competitor, so our competitors are all large, global giants. They have been able to build something in almost two decades. They were able to construct something in almost two decades. We’ve only been in the market for a couple of years. As a result, our resources are restricted, and we lack experience, which poses a significant challenge for us,” says Arnab Mitra, Co-founder, and CEO, DigiBoxx.

Harnessing tech for low-cost solutions

‘We’ve developed a proprietary structure that allows us to save much more data in a smaller space. And it’s for this reason, that we’re passing on some of the cost savings to our customers. We’re minifying the files in a specific format, allowing us to save much more data in a smaller space. As a result, that is one of our current strengths,” Arnab explains.

Since the DigiBoxx platform is situated in India, all of its data is housed and encrypted locally.

Arnab adds that the company is also using artificial intelligence to learn more about its users. “We provide reminders for our users, which will most likely improve their experience in the future. Things include reminding you of a vacation they took last year, drug delivery if you have a prescription saved, and reminding you that you bought a property on this day ten years ago.”

The company also says that making the entire platform voice-enabled and voice-based automation will be critical for its platform. “So it’ll be like you are picking up the phone and talking to it, saying, can I check for a specific event’s [name] picture?” or find a specific file that I stored several months back because I believe that locating and retrieving a digital asset is one of the most challenging aspects of data storage in organizations, especially when more and more files are kept over time. I believe finding the proper file will be crucial,” Arnab adds.

Focus on data security

The company says it works with all certified Indian data centers and constantly works on robust security protocols, which are very difficult to break.

“It’s a critical question that honestly makes us awake every night. I am not challenging anybody, but it’s almost 18 months since our existence. We have set a very high standard of security. We’ve had multiple attacks from hackers from all over the globe. We have been able to battle it. Right. And I’ll tell you why we could do it. India has not set a data protection bill but has set up robust data center policies governed by the ministry of IT and telecom, which is the might,” Arnab states.

“I won’t say impossible, but challenging, for a regular hacker to break. It is as you would understand, hackers essentially calculate the number of hours they need to use to break into specific kinds of vaults,” Arnab explicates.

While DigiBoxx is available only in India, the startup offerings have seen much interest from consumers in Brazil, Argentina, Japan, China, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates. With close to 2 million users, retail accounts for 95% of its total users, while enterprise accounts for a 5% share. However, the company stated that its focus on the enterprise segment would grow as it expands its boundaries.



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