Humans vs. Computers: Automation and Emotional Intelligence

In today’s world, computers have become very smart and can do many things by themselves. This is known as automation, and it’s like magic! Computers and machines can do repetitive and hard work that used to be done by people. For example, in construction and building, they can carry heavy things and dig the ground quickly. This helps people do more interesting and smart tasks.

However, the world doesn’t stay the same all the time. Every day is new, and humans are always looking for new ideas and ways to work. Scientists and researchers are always thinking of new things. Humans have a special ability to create something new, and computers can’t do that. Computers, with their artificial intelligence, can learn from existing knowledge, but they can’t come up with entirely new things.

Think about emojis, those little symbols we use to show our feelings. There are hundreds of emojis, but humans don’t rely on emojis alone to express themselves. Our moods and emotions change, and our faces show it. Computers and robots made with artificial intelligence can’t capture these changes. When we look at a person, we can see their mood, how they behave with different people, and how they express their emotions. They act differently with friends, family, and coworkers. If someone upsets them, they might get angry, and their emotions change. But if you say the same thing to a robot, it won’t change its emotion or facial expression with every different person. Their expression would be the same with a co-worker and a manager. This is where we see the difference between human emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence in robots.

Automation and computers

Automation is like a superpower for computers. They can do tasks over and over again without getting tired. For example, in construction and civil engineering, computers and machines can carry heavy things to the top floor of a building. They can also dig holes in the ground quickly and easily. This means that human workers can focus on more interesting and important tasks, like planning and supervising the work. Automation has made many jobs easier and faster.

But humans are special

Even though computers are great at automation, they can’t come up with new ideas on their own. Humans are unique because they have the power to think creatively. They can imagine new things, create art, and come up with new solutions to problems. Computers can only do what they are programmed to do. They learn from existing knowledge but can’t think outside the box.

Emojis and emotions

Emojis are cute little symbols we use in our messages to show our feelings. However, humans don’t rely solely on emojis to express their emotions. We have a wide range of emotions, and our faces can show them. When we’re happy, our faces light up with smiles. When we’re sad, our expressions change. Computers and robots with artificial intelligence can use emojis, but they can’t truly understand and express emotions as humans can.

Human behavior

Humans are complex. How we behave and express ourselves depends on many things. We act differently with our friends than we do with our parents or colleagues. If someone upsets us, our reaction depends on who they are. For example, if a friend tells us we’re not doing any work, we might not get too upset. But if our boss says the same thing, we might feel very different. We adjust our behavior and emotions based on the people we interact with.


In the world of automation, computers have become incredibly powerful and can perform many tasks efficiently. However, the unique ability of humans to think creatively and generate new ideas is something that sets us apart. Computers are limited to what they have learned from existing knowledge and cannot innovate like humans.

When it comes to emotions and behavior, humans are far more complex and expressive than computers or robots. Our ability to adapt our emotional responses based on the situation and the people we interact with is a testament to the depth of human emotional intelligence. In the end, the blend of human creativity and emotional intelligence remains unmatched in the world of artificial intelligence and automation.

Kanu Ratan Butani is a Senior Manager atAtos Eviden India.

Image Source: Freepik

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