India Inc on hiring spree: 63% of enterprises to add more talent in Q3

The job market in India looks optimistic as about 63% of Indian companies are planning to hire extensively over the next three months to outsmart the competition and sustain the economic growth, according to a ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey.

12 percent expect a decrease in hiring intent while 24% do not anticipate any change, resulting in a seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook of 51%.

The survey states that more people have been returning to work and changing jobs than the industry has seen for quite some time, resulting in more of a mass reshuffle than a mass resignation and leaving companies disproportionately.

About 83% of Indian organizations, it says, find it challenging to fill the open roles. According to the survey, IT & Data, Sales and marketing, operations and logistics, manufacturing & production, customer-facing and front office are the most in-demand roles.

Employers report technology and data skills (29%), are the most difficult to find, followed by skilled workers in sales and marketing (22%), operations and logistics (21%).

Reliability & self-discipline, resilience & adaptability, reasoning & problem-solving, creativity & originality and critical thinking & analysis are the top 5 soft skills. Global talent shortages are at an all-time high, with 75% of employers reporting difficultly in filling roles ? a six percent increase compared to this time last year.



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