Kramer and AudioCodes partner for a Microsoft Teams Rooms solution

Kramer, a company in audio-visual products, and AudioCodes, in communications software and AI, have partnered to deliver Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) solutions. This collaboration aims to redefine meeting experiences and AV-enabled hybrid work environments, offering an approach to modern collaboration needs.

Uniting Expertise for Enhanced Communication

This strategic partnership integrates Kramer’s innovative audio-visual solutions with AudioCodes’ Microsoft Teams Room products. The partnership encompasses a full range of components, from video bars and compute units to speakers, DSPs, switching, efficient cable management, plus AI recording and analytics for Teams meetings, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive meeting room experience that delivers more productive meeting outcomes.

Transforming hybrid work and meeting environments, this collaboration aims to provide end-to-end solutions from small huddle rooms to expansive, fully equipped boardrooms. The synergy between AudioCodes’ expertise in MTR-certified products and AI-powered voice applications and Kramer’s proficiency in audio-visual is expected to elevate user experiences in hybrid work settings.

This partnership offers significant value for system integrators. They receive a fully tested room solution where all components are guaranteed to work harmoniously and ready-made plans and schematics for the entire installation. This approach significantly reduces adjustment times and labor costs, resulting in considerable savings and allowing system integrators to offer more competitive solutions to their customers.

Commitment to Excellence

Both companies bring a legacy of quality and innovation to this partnership, promising a user-friendly, reliable, and cutting-edge MTR solution. This alliance is not merely a combination of products but a fusion of visions to revolutionize how businesses communicate and collaborate in a hybrid world.

Leaders from Kramer and AudioCodes share their excitement about this partnership:

“As we announce our partnership with AudioCodes, an esteemed leader in voice and AI solutions for Microsoft Teams, we at Kramer are taking a significant step towards fulfilling our vision of providing the most comprehensive and complete solutions for Hybrid Workspaces. This collaboration marks a milestone in our journey to enrich and streamline how people communicate in today’s ever-evolving work environments,” said Gilad Yron, Kramer’s CEO.

“Partnering with Kramer, we’re leveraging the unique strengths of both our companies to create a more connected, efficient, and productive work environment. This collaboration embodies AudioCodes’ specialty in MTR products and AI-powered meeting analytics, with Kramer’s cutting-edge AV solutions, setting a new benchmark in hybrid workplace communication,” said Lior Aldema, AudioCodes Chief Business Officer.

Looking Ahead

Kramer and AudioCodes are dedicated to continual innovation and improvement of their joint solutions. With this partnership, they are poised to set new industry standards, driving the evolution of meeting spaces and collaborative environments.

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