Lentra Reveals New Innovation with its Intelligent Lending Cloud

Lentra, the digital lending platform, introduced its Intelligent Lending Cloud Platform during its annual flagship event, the Lentra Digital Lending Summit.

Representing a significant leap in integrating AI within the digital lending platform, Lentra introduces three cutting-edge AI-driven products. Additionally, it incorporates 40 new functionalities into its existing products, all meticulously crafted to leverage the potential of AI and deliver practical utility for Banks and NBFCs.

“The evolution of trends in India’s credit consumption narrative demands thorough understanding and analysis. At Lentra, we strive to meet the increasing demand for personalization and localization by harnessing the power of AI, ensuring accessibility for our clients.” – Ankur Handa, Chief Product Officer at Lentra.

Lentra’s Intelligent Lending Cloud solution is designed to address the evolving need for vernacular languages to expand reach, accelerate processing speeds, and reduce operation costs.

“AI has recently garnered widespread attention for various reasons, with its capacity for human-like interactions standing out. Aligning with our mission to transform lending by empowering lenders to democratize credit and foster financial inclusion through intelligent decisions, we are thrilled to introduce a wave of AI products and AI-infused features. With this extended portfolio, we are confident that our clients will experience significant enhancements in their business, equipped with actionable intelligence.” – Rangarajan Vasudevan, Chief Data Officer at Lentra.

Lentra is actively advancing the application of AI in intelligently automating solutions for Banks and NBFCs in India. The initiatives include leveraging machine learning models to identify potential borrower segments within the existing customer base, employing AI for intelligent customer engagement, and nurturing leads. It utilizes behavioral intelligence to enhance upsell and cross-sell opportunities by implementing hyper-personalized product recommendations for the bank.

These initiatives, rooted in impactful applications, are a testament to Lentra’s commitment to innovation. Their intelligent cloud lending platform addresses current needs and anticipates market evolutions, positioning their partners ahead of the curve.

“With NIM itself becoming a non-differentiative commodity the focus amongst banks is becoming “experience”. How do we create a simple, easy, and yet WoW experience for our new customers? That is where the real differentiator lies! In the world of lending, there are quite a few one-trick ponies that address various components of lending. This is where someone like a Lentra is uniquely different. Their AI-powered solutions remove the friction from the entire lending and collection process, enabling decisions that are faster, fairer, and more accurate. We are impressed with how Lentra is continuously pushing the boundaries of their intelligence-embedded solutions and creating the WoW experience for end customers.”  – Cyrus Daruwala, Managing Director, Global Financial Services, IDC. 

Lentra Convo:

To cater to lenders operating across varied geographic and cultural moorings, Lentra Convo brings the power of natural language conversations in multiple languages to simplify the loan origination journey. Powered by AI, this innovation enhances the lending process while providing end customers with a personalized and seamless, convenient experience in the language of their choice.

Lentra Insights:

The second product, Insights, provides actionable intelligence to the lending institution to better optimize credit policy and loan journey design. Coupled with AI-generated recommendations, lenders can now assess the impact of credit policy rules and change policy parameters to drive higher take-up rates. This one-of-a-kind tool will be of great value to lenders in boosting their asset businesses.

Lentra Wingman:

A game-changer for lending operations, Lentra Wingman, is geared to help directly what is arguably the most critical stakeholder in the origination journey: the underwriter. It intelligently summarizes financial information from various sources in typical credit journeys like bank statements and related financial transaction records. It then automatically identifies financial behaviors that need further investigation by the underwriters. Such instances are then articulated as natural language questions that the customer-facing operations executive can air to the loan applicant to get required clarifications. Thus, the Wingmanguides the underwriter to focus only on those loan applications requiring further scrutiny, along with the specifics of that application that merit attention, all in a form factor that makes it easy for more information to be collected seamlessly to speed up decision-making.

Aligned with the theme ‘Empowering Economic Growth for all, Bridging the Credit Gap,’ the Digital Lending Summit provides a holistic perspective on the digital lending landscape in India. The summit is an interactive platform for CXOs, Credit Heads, Retail Heads, CEOs, and all other top-level executives in Banks & NBFCs, fostering discussions on market innovations, trends, enablers, and drivers.

The event features insightful panel discussions, unique addresses, and breakout sessions and is a beacon for lending industry practitioners. Lentra’s flagship annual event consistently draws distinguished guests from the regulators, Prominent Banks, and NBFCs, underscoring its growing significance year after year.

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