Lightstorm and Console Connect Unveil Unified Network Fabric

Lightstorm, a leading pan-Asia cloud network infrastructure platform, and Console Connect, a leading Network-as-a-Service platform, announced a strategic collaboration to deliver seamless cloud and network connectivity to enterprise customers globally across 180+ data centres.

Lightstorm is integrating its NaaS platform Polarin with the Console Connect NaaS platform Console Connect via API orchestration.

The collaboration facilitates easy connectivity to a vast array of data centers, and IT resources worldwide. Through a network interconnection in Singapore, the integrated global network fabric seamlessly interconnects data centers across India, Indonesia, US, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and other emerging and developed markets, offering enterprises secure, on-demand connectivity through a unified platform.

Lightstorm, as part of its vision and the association, aims to address challenges such as complex network connectivity, managing multiple vendors, and a fragmented user experience that businesses had previously encountered.

The integration between Polarin by Lightstorm and Console Connect creates a single platform for all connectivity needs that guarantees increased reliability, high availability and redundancy measures to ensure uninterrupted operation of customers’ applications. Additionally, Lightstorm’s SDN network reach ensures low-latency and high-performance connections to resources worldwide, optimizing application functionality.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Console Connect, unlocking unparalleled cloud and network connectivity for our customers,” expressed Amajit Gupta, Group CEO & MD of Lightstorm. “Through integrating Polarin with Console Connect’s expansive global reach, we’re not just merging platforms, but forging a seamless solution that transcends traditional connectivity limitations. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey, empowering us to offer a comprehensive suite of services from a single source. Beyond expanding our service portfolio, this collaboration opens doors to mutual growth opportunities, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers and the market.”

“The interaction with Polarin by Lightstorm, will help more businesses accelerate their cloud journey through secure, agile and high-performance connectivity. We look forward to growing our collaboration further with Lightstorm and helping them and their customers reach new markets worldwide,” stated Marc Halbfinger, CEO, Console Connect.

The association will enable enterprises to connect directly to 180+ data centers and Lightstorm’s high-availability network, improving application performance and uptime while delivering secure and dependable connectivity solutions.

Furthermore, Lightstorm’s pay-as-you-go pricing model will allow businesses to optimize their network spend and effectively scale with ease.

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