L&T Technology Services Partners with Intel to scale Edge-AI solutions

L&T Technology Services Limited, a digital engineering and R&D services company, has partnered with Intel Corporation to develop and provide scalable edge-AI solutions for various use cases, including Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (CV2X) applications.

LTTS’ expertise in the domains of connected vehicles and smart transportation systems has been pivotal in the development and implementation of advanced communication technologies like telematics, ADAS and C2VX. By harnessing Intel’s Edge Platform, including built-in AI runtime with OpenVINO™ inference for real-time AI inferencing optimization, LTTS will empower on-premises and hybrid AI scenarios for traffic management and emergency safety in smart cities and transportation. These scenarios typically demand advanced networking and AI analytics at the edge, meeting stringent real-world needs with low latency, locality, and cost requirements. 

This collaboration underscores LTTS’ commitment to pushing the envelope in smart cities and road infrastructure, facilitating and laying the groundwork for enabling intelligent transportation systems. 

Intel’s Edge Platform is a game-changing commercial software platform that revolutionizes how developers engineer, deploy, and manage distributed edge infrastructure and applications. It offers a comprehensive ecosystem with modular building blocks, premium service, and support offerings, providing developers with an all-in-one solution for their edge computing needs.

Intel’s approach is horizontal, which means it’s designed to scale infrastructure across various industries, a departure from the traditional vertical approaches. 

“LTTS is delighted to collaborate with Intel on the launch of their new Edge Platform, which promises to democratize access to edge-AI solutions. By running seamlessly on standard hardware and featuring built-in edge-native AI runtime powered by OpenVINO for inferencing, this platform embodies innovation and efficiency,” said Abhishek Sinha, Chief Operating Officer and Board Member at L&T Technology Services (LTTS). “With deep-rooted hardware optimization at its core, our enterprise customers can trust Intel’s Edge Platform to propel them into a future of unparalleled performance and possibilities.”

“Industries like transportation and smart cities- will benefit from technologies that expedite the design and implementation of vehicle-to-vehicle transportation, road safety, accident prevention, and enhanced mobility,” added Pallavi Mahajan, Intel Corporate Vice President And General Manager of Network and Edge Group Software. “The collaboration with LTTS on Intel’s Edge Platform will simplify the exchange of critical information and streamline infrastructure management to improve results and lower TCO for customers.” 

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