Majority of IT firms working flawlessly despite COVID-19 crisis: Survey

Nearly 72% of IT firms operating worldwide have been working flawlessly despite various challenges amid COVID-19 pandemic, according to EmpMonitor?s survey on industries. Most of the managers give the credit of proper functioning to favorable remote working environments, proficiency of employees, and cloud management features.

Currently, the entire world is undergoing several negative impacts of COVID-19, the global outbreak. While brick-and-mortar businesses have been shut down for more than the past six months, IT sectors remain productive enough to meet the needs of clients and better project execution.

The survey conducted a detailed study of over 500 firms across the world, including renowned, small, and startup companies. It demonstrated entire troubles and causes of productivity pitfalls that are often determined as big obstacles in the path of success. Experts are continuously conducting surveys to proclaim deeper statistics.

?We were a bit scared to embrace a remote working approach in the beginning because of the possible downsides. As a piece of good news, our workforce has been performing very well to provide greater results in the scenario of coronavirus disease,? says the team of industrial experts. ?Remote working modules can be effective when you use compelling productivity management software.? They added.

Further, IT companies give credit to advanced remote worker management tools for their excellent performance. The survey clearly stated that the majority of employers trust remote workforce when they work under surveillance of such employee management software. Employees might often get distracted while working from home, thus monitoring encourages them to give better performance.

The number of IT organizations that have suffered during the current pandemic is quite low (around 4%) because the remote workforce helped them accommodate and come back on the track. With more business struggles to survive, the concept of front line has been shifting to the back office to prevent the spread of deadly viruses.

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