ManageEngine exploring new frontiers in innovation, employee skilling

ManageEngine, Zoho Corporation’s enterprise IT management division, which is banking big on businesses’ increased interest in digitalization and hybrid cloud, has announced its intentions to double its Indian workforce by 2022 to roughly 1000 people and plans to open three new data centers outside of India, with an investment of about $15 million.

India is ManageEngine’s third-largest market, behind the United States and the United Kingdom. According to the corporation, most new hiring will be in areas such as R&D, customer-facing roles, and software development. Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kolkata are where the organization plans to hire.

ManageEngine has earmarked an undisclosed amount to fast-track its R&D, product design, and integration efforts in the country, which it says is also the fastest-growing market for the company, enabling its customers to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. “In India, we registered a YoY revenue growth of 63.2% in 2021, while our customer count increased by 26.3%, driven by demand primarily from the BFSI and IT services and solutions sectors,” says Shailesh Davey, Co-Founder & Vice President of Engineering of Zoho Corp.

Technology management solutions

While ManageEngine concentrated on a range of products to solve end-to-end IT management concerns during its first decade of growth, it is now primarily focused on a platform to build technology management solutions for the digital enterprise. According to the company, it has been concentrating on AI-driven security, service management, and infrastructure management, with a special focus on security ? ransomware, phishing detection, data leak prevention, endpoint management, and insider threats.

The company currently operates 12 data centers worldwide and claims that it has served over 2,80,000 organizations in more than 190 countries since 2002. It says that Healthcare & Pharma, Education, BFSI, IT Services and Solutions, and Manufacturing & Engineering are the five industries that account for 60% of the total unique customer domains over the last 5 years.

Focus on new skills and talent up-gradation

ManageEngine is investing heavily in hiring, upskilling, and reskilling its people to meet the new age needs of its users.

“Affordable access to technology for businesses of all sizes digital driving transformation, and there is a change in mindset to see technology as a fundamental business enabler. This change requires a massive change in the talent management approach because you can’t have long-term growth and success without a strong talent pipeline. At Zoho, that’s [building talent pipeline] always a big focus area for us,” says Rajesh Ganesan, President, ManageEngine.

Ganesan adds that Zoho and ManageEngine have a strong talent management focus, and the company equips its people with necessary skills and training programs by observing them over a certain period. Zoho also runs Zoho Schools, which operates from two locations in Tamil Nadu,  providing comprehensive training programs in software engineering and product development, design fundamentals and design tools, and business management. About 10% of Zoho employees are hired from Zoho Schools.

The author was hosted by ManageEngine in its recent event in Bangalore

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