Nvidia and Yotta Data Services join forces to drive AI-powered innovation in India

Yotta Data Services, an end-to-end digital transformation service provider, recently announced a multi-million dollar partnership with Nvidia, in the form of 4,000 Nvidia’s Graphic Processing Units.

The Nvidia semiconductors, NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, dubbed Shakti, arrived at Yotta’s NM1 data center and were received by Sunil Gupta, Co-founder, MD & CEO, Yotta Data Services. The CEO stated in a press release how “H100 marks the beginning of a new chapter, not just for Yotta, but for a truly AI-powered digital Bharat.“

He also stated that with access to cutting-edge hardware in India Yotta plans to empower Indian businesses, government, startups and researchers to prompt innovation and stimulate growth. The venture supports India’s aim to advance further in the AI revolution, according to the statement.

Yotta’s repository of Nvidia’s superchips is scheduled to hit approximately 20,000 units by June. The Graphic processing units, dubbed Hoppers as a tribute to computer scientist Grace Hopper, boast hefty price tags ranging from $30,000 to $40,000 each.

Nvidia Asia-South’s managing director Vishal Dhupar gave his comments during ‘Startup Mahakumbh’ event in New Delhi, as reported by inc42. As per Dhupar, Nvidia is planning on working with more businesses to bring GPUs in India, essentially focusing on maximizing disruption in India.

Regarding the current AI scene in India, Dhupar commented that the research is very limited, about 2%, which is poor compared to 58-59% of China and US combined. He states  that even the top Indian AI researchers barely contribute, only 2%.

However, the Niranjan Hiranandani-backed Yotta Data Services is not the first technological partner of Nvidia in the country. Nvidia announced partnerships with Reliance Industries Limited and Tata Group to build AI computing infrastructure and platforms last year. However both companies are yet to order Nvidia’s superchips.

India’s AI Mission, where the government is said to invest in 10,000 GPUs, provides Indian businesses a great start to make computing more accessible and provide adequate research and infrastructure. Nvidia Inception programme also encompasses over 1,600 Indian startups, among them more than 400 are focused on AI, with 60 specializing in generative AI that offers India a much needed push towards AI revolution.

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