Obituary: Shyamanuja Das (9-May-1970 to 28-Dec-2023)

It is with profound sadness that we share the untimely passing of Shyamanuja Das, the Editorial Director of B2B Tech at 9.9 Group.

A qualified computer engineer, Shyamanuja Das began his illustrious career in 1994, joining the newly launched Voice & Data magazine (Cyber Media) after completing a journalism diploma from the esteemed Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC), New Delhi. Throughout an era marked by significant technological shifts, he evolved into a skilled writer and editor. Notably, he successfully pioneered India’s first publication dedicated to the domestic offshore BPO industry, BPOrbit.

His fascination with data and analytics led him to spearhead major research initiatives at Cyber Media. Subsequently, he assumed the role of Editor for Dataquest magazine, earning distinction and acclaim. In 2012, he transitioned to JuxtConsult’s business research & advisory practice, focusing on advisory opportunities in the digital economy. Along this journey, he founded the non-profit DataJourno community to promote data journalism among practitioners and students. He co-founded the active “Odias in Machine Learning” group and played a key role in organizing numerous Odia cultural initiatives both online and offline.

In 2015, Shyamanuja Das joined the 9.9 Group, overseeing all editorial and content activities for the Enterprise Technology group, comprising CIO&Leader, IT NEXT, and CSO FORUM. With a strong emphasis on research and storytelling, he pioneered unique content-led engagement activities such as Case Study Workshops, Reverse Case Study exercises, TRP (The Responsive Pitch), and curated community-leveraged knowledge initiatives with CIOs, including thought leadership books. In 2018, Shyamanuja was honored with the 20th Polestar Award for a technology feature article in CIO&Leader titled “Decoding Digital Transformation in India.”

Shyamanuja’s formidable intellect, concealed beneath a disarming and pleasant personality, manifested when passionately advocating for ideas he believed in, whether concerning data privacy or AI. A perfectionist committed to process and quality, he displayed legendary patience. Colleagues attest to his diligence, care, and pursuit of perfection. Vikas Gupta, Founder and Director of 9.9 Group, recalls, “Shyamanuja, for me, was the embodiment of the ‘Joie de vivre’ spirit—cheerfully enjoying life, exulting in spirit, and radiating general happiness.”

The CIO Klub issued a statement expressing sorrow at Das’s loss, stating, “The CIO Club mourns the loss of such a visionary and influential leader. His contributions to the industry and journalistic excellence have left an indelible mark. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace.”

On a personal note, Shyamanuja Das was a jovial and social individual with diverse interests beyond work. Music, especially Bollywood songs, was his passion, as were sweets and baked goods.

Vikas Gupta adds, “A fantastic human being, he was hugely respected for his professionalism and work amongst the community of B2B editors and the CIO community. A champion of Oriya culture, he had a cult-like following on Twitter.”

Sanjay Prasad, Chief Information Officer at RPSG CESC Power Group, reflects on his interactions, stating, “My interactions with him span over a couple of decades, and even in the few occasions where we debated on content or context, there has been a quiet appreciation of his erudition and diligence. He was a true gentleman.”

Despite his serious, no-nonsense executive demeanor, he was inquisitive, creative, and always armed with a witty joke or a one-liner comeback.

Shyamanuja, you are deeply missed.

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