Persistent Accelerates Digital Engineering with AI-Powered SASVATM Platform

Addresses technical debt across both new and mid- to late-stage software development by leveraging AI.

Persistent Systems, a global Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization company, announced the launch of SASVA, a pioneering, manageable, and secure enterprise AI platform leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and Machine Learning (ML) to accelerate software releases with faster time-to-market, and improved efficiency. SASVA is derived from the Sanskrit word Shashvatah, meaning timelessness, ensuring continual improvement across the ever-changing software landscape. SASVA will be embedded into software engineering to efficiently address distinct use cases by preventing technical debt in new development, minimizing accumulated technical debt in mid to late-stage software, and addressing complex scenarios in software sustenance and specialized industries with enterprise scale. 

Traditional software engineering methods rely heavily on time-consuming manual tasks, often leading to technical debt due to dependencies on individual expertise and institutional knowledge. It is difficult to ensure efficiency, reliability, and scalability across the software development life cycle; these challenges are compounded later in the software life cycle when budget and resource limitations also come into play. Despite the advancements in Generative AI-powered platforms, there is a decline in productivity when managing complex projects that entail interdependencies among applications, a common scenario in complex solutions.

SASVA adopts a distinctive method by constructing a comprehensive knowledge base from vast datasets, including millions of code repositories and documents. Hybrid language models enable efficient utilization, with continual secure training on customer data sourced from various platforms like version control, ticketing systems, project management tools, and collaboration platforms. This rigorous process enhances privacy, security, and regulatory compliance, especially for sensitive data. SASVA streamlines the creation of project plans and generates contextual code modifications for seamless review.

In initial engagements, SASVA has reduced release times by an impressive 25% to 35%, with improved quality and a reduction in technical debt. SASVA enables clients across industries to boost enterprise productivity across different software phases, delivering cost and time efficiency with improved quality.

Sandeep Kalra, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Persistent: 

“We’re proud to introduce SASVA, a groundbreaking platform that will revolutionize the software engineering and maintenance life cycle. Built using the latest LLM and ML technologies, we will utilize this platform to reduce manual efforts and ensure consistent quality. It delivers significant productivity gains and minimizes technical debt, providing contextual results tailored to each unique organization, industry, and domain. Throughout our over 30-year history, Persistent has led the market in innovation, and with the launch of SASVA, we continue to apply the latest cutting-edge technologies to better serve our clients across industries.”

Praveen Kalla, Operating Executive, Lone View Capital and Board Member, Smartlinx: 

“According to the Consortium for Information & Software Quality’s 2022 report, the cost of poor software quality in the US has grown to at least $2.41 trillion. This issue underscores the challenges the industry is facing with increasing technical debt and complexities in addressing those, which hampers innovation and poses security risks through outdated systems, insufficient maintenance, and delayed releases. Persistent’s strategic move with SASVA shows their dedication to future-proofing Digital Engineering. The integration of AI technologies aligns well with market trends, positioning Persistent as a thought leader operationalizing platform-led strategies for maximum gains across the software life cycle value chain. This strategic move offers enterprises a compelling opportunity for value creation at a crucial time where engineering efficiency, operational excellence, scalability, cyber security, and innovation are of the utmost importance.”

Chirag Mehta, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research: 

“Amidst the growing number of AI tools, customers are seeking solutions— a platform —that predictably bridges the gap between product and engineering, accelerating time-to-market and value while mitigating security risks. Organizations possess vast data, knowledge, and code, and they are eager to embrace AI for rapid innovation. With SASVA, Persistent recognizes the strategic importance of accelerated innovation with an AI platform to help customers navigate the product and engineering complexity. It’s a step in the right direction.”

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