Rakuten India Issues Urgent Warning on Fraudulent “R-ole” Scam

Rakuten India Enterprise Pvt. Ltd., a key technology hub and development center of Rakuten Group Inc., has issued an urgent warning to the public regarding a fraudulent scheme carried out under the guise of an entity named “R-ole.” The company has uncovered unauthorized activities where its brand and leadership identities are being exploited in a scam soliciting personal funds under deceitful pretenses.

This scam is mainly spreading through messaging platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp. It involves over 17,000 subscribers and bogus invitations for an office tour that does not exist, planned from April 1st to 3rd.

Fake documents such as the “Activity Flow Sheet,” which outlines the supposed activities planned during this office tour, and invitations using Rakuten India’s office address still continue to circulate. Rakuten India urges the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious events related to the scam known as “R-ole”, to the concerned police authorities. Rakuten India takes this matter extremely seriously and is taking firm action to combat the unauthorized use of its brand as part of fraudulent, criminal activity. Rakuten India asserts in the strongest terms that it never solicits financial contributions or personal banking details for any purpose. Rakuten India hopes that by highlighting these developments, unsuspecting individuals will not be duped by the scam.

Additionally, Rakuten India wants to clarify that no activities are planned at its office in India from April 1st to 3rd. This should serve as a reminder to remain cautious and not fall victim to this scam.

Upon the discovery of individuals being duped into an ostensible “R-OLE Business Plan” that falsely claims a partnership with Rakuten India and other reputed brands, Rakuten India has lodged a First Information Report (FIR) with the Cyber Crime Police. 

A comprehensive investigation is active, and expedient measures are being taken to curb these criminal acts.

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