Safexpress: Bouncing Back Safely

No doubt COVID pandemic has ravaged economies not to mention businesses. But organizations are slowly but surely getting back to the feet, the mantra being to ?live with the virus?. Logistics major, Safexpress, has successfully navigated its bounce-back strategy with an application that enables to adhere to good health and hygiene norms.

?We had to ensure safe practices while resuming operations and calibrated it in a manner that allowed only 30% employees to come to work at any given time. At the same we wanted to make sure that this process is implemented by integrating it with existing processes,? says Kapil Mahajan, CIO, Safexpress.

But how did it do that?

Safexpress asked its in-house developers to design the application to capture and monitor employee temperatures while making the roster for the day and updating employees with due notifications. Integrated with the biometrics-based attendance application, it is deployed at the corporate office and its locations throughout the country including its partner premises.  

On the ground, the team is often faced with practical challenges such as employees turning up with sub-optimal health conditions which upset the roster. Working on a skeletal team, it creates challenges to achieve operational efficiencies but now there is hope on the horizon as the application is being integrated with Aarogya Setu. Recently, the government released the APIs for the app which will enable to track the health and risk profile of employees in real-time. This will enable better planning as the roster will be able to take into account employees at risk and avoid last minute confusions.

Saefexpress works with partners in an initiative called Green Trucking wherein independent operators are validated to work with Safexpress for deliveries. This initiative for safe practices has been extended to encompass its partners.

Organizations have been leveraging intelligent applications to adhere to safety norms, the most talked one being deployed by Amazon wherein employee social distancing practices are closely monitored by the company via cameras which indicates safe distances in green and unsafe in red.

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