Smart packaging: how technology is embedding intelligence into packaging

Traditional packaging is often challenged by several factors such as rising material costs, the use of plastics threatening the environment, and creating compelling first impressions to consumers. 

Product Protection,?Distribution, Point of Sale Impression, Rising Costs and Sustainability are the key challenges for the packaging sector, reveals GlobalData.

Product Protection: Companies are obligated to translate packaging quality into customer satisfaction with a value proposition in terms of product strength and brand reputation.  

Distribution: Rise of e-commerce and last-mile delivery forces packaging companies to scale up while keeping the products inside safe and fall within health and safety guidelines. 

Point of Sale Impression: As consumers rely heavily on first impressions, the focus on the packaging is more driven towards customer interaction and engagement, convenience, and ergonomics. 

Rising Costs: Increasing material cost directly impacts the packaging cost, which necessitates alternative ways to reduce it through production optimization. 

Sustainability/Regulatory: As the world is progressing to fight climate change for a sustainable future, companies are subject to compliance with the changing regulatory standards.

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