STT GDC India Enables ACL Mobile to Deliver High Performance

ACL Mobile is a leading provider of communications platform to businesses. Its platforms enable large and leading enterprises to engage with customers over multiple channels including SMS, Voice, Email, WhatsApp and Notifications.

A global network of partnerships with telecom operators and aggregators, ACL Mobile plays a crucial role in its customers? business development by empowering organizations to connect and acquire new customers and enhance customer loyalty. Its platform boasts of the lowest latency enabling large enterprises to engage with customers over multiple channels with rich and intelligent communication.

As a pioneer in business communications, ACL Mobile uses technology as a differentiator to stay ahead in the game and help customers achieve business objectives. This includes providing tools to sharpen marketing campaigns and enabling real-time marketing automation by using big data and analytics.

Says Ajit Singh, Senior Vice President – Engineering, ACL Mobile, ?Innovation is key to our winning strategy and we are continuously leveraging technology to make customer engagement more meaningful.?

Customer Challenges

Communicating with customers, partners and other stakeholders is business-critical and required on an on-going basis to update, inform and facilitate transactions. Often communication is time-sensitive and must be delivered within the specified time for the message to be relevant.

Businesses rely on partners like ACL Mobile for the success of marketing campaigns, promotional offers, secure business transactions, customer convenience and a variety of other usage that has a bearing on the business and the brand. Sometimes entire business campaigns and entertainment programmes are built around messaging services.  

The need for a robust technology backbone for a company like ACL Mobile cannot be overemphasized as customers? success ride on the quality of ACL Mobile?s services. ACL Mobile also offers its messaging platform on a SaaS model which requires a highly scalable and secure environment.

Considering the criticality of technology in its business, ACL Mobile needed a highly reliable partner for end-to-end data centre solutions so that it can focus on innovation and high-quality service delivery.

STT GDC India Solution

ACL Mobile uses STT GDC India co-location facilities in Delhi and Mumbai. STT GDC India provides infrastructure provisioning along with necessary power and cooling to run the data centre allowing ACL Mobile to focus on innovation.

An old partnership, ACL Mobile has used STT GDC India since inception. Nineteen years on, the partnership has grown stronger as STT GDC India offerings evolved to meet the changing needs of the customer. As ACL Mobile expanded its business and needed more infrastructure, it did not spend time and resources in buying and setting up more servers. Instead, it relied on STT GDC India as one of its partners to provide the necessary infrastructure to power its growing business.

The purpose-built data centres enable ACL India to quickly access resources while focusing on developing new offerings to distinguish its services. 

Following global best practices, STT GDC India provides physical security of data centres and is certified by global security standards, enabling ACL Mobile to meet compliance and regulatory requirements of its clients.

Customer Benefits

ACL Mobile is a leader in its business segment with the help of STT GDC India co-location solutions. Says Singh, ?STT GDC India has good understanding of our business and enabled us to deliver high performance by providing custom solutions and robust infrastructure that has kept pace with our growth momentum.?

In addition, following benefits have accrued to ACL Mobile:

  • Enabled IT to focus on innovation and cater to dynamic customer needs instead of spending time in undifferentiated heavy lifting, such as racking and stacking of servers.
  • Enabled IT to meet stringent security and compliance requirements of ACL Mobile?s customers.

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