STT GDC India Helps Sharekhan Consolidate Digital Strategy

Sharekhan is one of India?s largest retail brokerage firms with 2 million customers as on 1st March 2020. A pioneer in online trading, Sharekhan offers a broad range of financial products and services including securities brokerage, mutual fund distribution, loan against shares, ESOP financing, IPO financing and wealth management to retail investors, institutions and corporate investors.

Established in 2000, Sharekhan was acquired by BNP Paribas in 2016. The company is present in more than 541 cities and towns through over 3,000 outlets managing around INR 46,300 crores in customer assets for year ending December 31, 2019 and executing an average of 5.8 lakh trades per day.

Sharekhan?s extensive physical presence is augmented by its digital initiative riding on feature-rich web and mobile offerings.

Says Amit Vaidya, IT Foundation Officer at Sharekhan, ?Technology is central to Sharekhan?s expansion strategy of reaching new customers and enabling easy, secure access to brokering and trading facilities via platform services, intelligence inputs and educating investors.?

Customer Challenge

Sharekhan wanted to streamline operations to reduce cost while enabling expansion by tapping into new market segments. The company wanted to tap digital to reach new customers in secondary towns and cities. At the same time, digital was the way to differentiate customer experience with intelligent inputs for decision-making and faster order execution?both crucial for bottom line.

The brokering firm wanted to increase profitability with new products, services and value-adds. Centred around Trade Tiger, an advanced online trading platform for BSE, NSE and MCX, Sharekhan?s digital strategy has several offerings including an automated order alert management system. It follows a set of rules based on timing, price, quantity or mathematical models to generate trade signals, which enables the investors to trade at speed and frequency beyond human capacity. ShareMobile, which runs on the same platform, is aimed at providing these facilities at the fingertip of investors.

Considering the criticality of timing and speed in brokering, Sharekhan?s need for robust technology backbone cannot be overemphasized. Even a minute?s downtime would severely impact its brand and reputation as a service provider as customer profitability is closely linked with the speed and availability of its digital platform.

Sharekhan, therefore, needed a highly reliable partner for end-to-end data centre solution so that it can focus on innovation and high-quality service enablement.

STT GDC India Solution

Sharekhan is using STT GDC India?s colocation services in Mumbai to take advantage of robust, reliable and secure data centre hosting solutions.

STT GDC India provides infrastructure provisioning along with necessary power and cooling to run the data centre, allowing Sharekhan to focus on managing operational complexities and innovate to better serve its customers.

Being carrier neutral, STT GDC India provides Sharekhan the flexibility to partner with any network provider and access its data centre at high-speed, irrespective of geography. The purpose-built data centres enable Sharekhan to meet its business demands for high-performance applications that are always available.

Following global practices, STT GDC India provides physical security of data centre and is certified by global security standards, enabling Sharekhan to meet its compliance and regulatory goals.

STT GDC India provides five layers of physical security?at the perimeter; building; floor; quadrant, and cage/cabinet level with tools and process that control access, detect intrusion and identify personnel to arrest any attacks or intrusions.

Customer Benefits

Sharekhan is making a successful shift towards its digital strategy by empowering investors with high speed and quality services. ?We have hosted with STT GDC India for a decade with zero outages and are able to reach customers at the best possible speed. We are happy with the responsiveness & close collaboration during audits and redesign activities,? says Amit Vaidya, Sharekhan?s IT Foundation Officer.

In addition, following benefits have accrued to Sharekhan:

  • STT GDC India enables Sharekhan to run it services and reach new markets with uninterrupted data backup.
  • Greater focus on managing operational complexities and innovation instead of spending time in undifferentiated heavy lifting, such as managing real estate, power and cooling of data centre.
  • As an entity closely associated with the securities market, Sharekhan has stringent compliance and regulatory requirements, which STT GDC India helped meet to a good extent with multiple layers of physical data centre security.

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