Tata Elxsi and Dräger Establish an Innovative Partnership 

Tata Elxsi and Dräger, a company in medical and safety technology, have announced a collaboration to advance critical care innovation in India. As part of this collaboration, Dräger is expanding its research and development presence by establishing a new Offshore Development Center (ODC) at Tata Elxsi’s facility in Pune. The ODC will focus on developing innovative critical care medical devices for both local and international markets. This partnership combines Tata Elxsi’s design and technology expertise along with Dräger’s expertise in medical and safety technology.

The development center will unite talent from both organizations, dedicated to designing and developing innovative critical care medical devices for deployment in the Operation Theatre (OT) environment worldwide. This central hub will oversee all critical care product development aspects, from conceptualization to product design, prototyping, and testing. The ODC provides a comprehensive critical care equipment testing facility, which is equipped with medical-grade gases, compressors, and oxygen cylinders to create a test environment to meet the demanding requirements of the OT setup.

Joint commitment towards innovation:

This ODC is steadfastly committed to pushing the boundaries of medical innovation. It aims to develop products that adhere to the highest safety and efficacy standards for deployment in critical care settings.

The collaboration between Tata Elxsi and Dräger taps into their collective talent to fast-track the development of cost-effective, high-quality medical devices, contributing to a robust healthcare ecosystem that is accessible to everyone. The partnership showcases Indian R&D capabilities on the global stage. This marks Dräger’s second R&D center in India, showcasing its commitment to Indian innovation and manufacturing capabilities.

“This collaboration with Tata Elxsi marks a significant milestone in Dräger’s journey to expand our R&D footprint in India,” said Shalin Patel, Managing Director of Draeger India Group. “By leveraging Tata Elxsi’s eco-system and expertise in technology and design, we are setting new standards in critical care equipment that will ultimately benefit patients worldwide.”

Tata Elxsi’s talent pool in India and tech prowess offer great opportunities to co-innovate for healthcare. “Our collaboration with Tata Elxsi is a strategic step towards harnessing this potential to develop next-generation critical care solutions. The establishment of this center underscores our belief in the strategic importance of India as an R&D hub,” added Shalin.

Tata Elxsi’s Pankaj Madhukar Wani, Head of Healthcare & Lifesciences Business, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, “Working alongside Dräger presents a unique opportunity to integrate our innovative technology, design, and engineering proficiency into product development. With our extensive experience in healthcare product design and development, global market penetration, and digitization, we are well-positioned to deliver impactful solutions. Our experience of working across AI-enabled healthcare devices, smart assistive devices, diagnostic devices, injectables, telehealth, point of care devices, to name a few, puts us in a unique position to reimagine healthcare models and tackle some critical challenges faced by the healthcare industry today. 

This center is not just a testament to our joint commitment to healthcare innovation across the development cycle, but also to the potential India holds as a global R&D hub. We are excited to be a part of Dräger’s healthcare initiatives and are poised to support them in their growth journey.’’ 

Looking ahead, there are plans for expanding the critical care portfolio. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, the new ODC is set to play a pivotal role in crafting innovative healthcare equipment that addresses the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers globally.

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