Tech Transcendence: Waves of Change in 25-Year Journey

 Mehjabeen Taj Aalam, Chief Information Officer at Raychem RPG, underscores the importance of agility, strategic vision, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the face of technological evolution.

In celebration of CIO&Leader’s 25th anniversary, we are delighted to introduce “Tech Guru,” a special series dedicated to celebrate the remarkable achievements of CIOs throughout the past twenty-five years.

In a recent conversation, we interacted with Mehjabeen Taj Aalam, the Chief Information Officer at Raychem RPG, to learn more about her experience in IT. We talked about how technology has changed over time, important moments in her career, and the ups and downs she’s faced along the way.

Innovative beginnings

Mehjabeen’s career inception was marked by an innovative project at Mahindra and Mahindra aimed at unifying customer databases. Reflecting on this, she notes, “It was about seeing beyond the technology itself, to its potential in transforming how we understand and interact with our customers.”

BFSI sector and the leap of transformation

Transitioning to the BFSI sector, Mehjabeen led a pioneering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) project with Fullerton India, exemplifying technology’s transformative power. “This project was not just about technological innovation; it was about reimagining how resources could be optimized and costs reduced,” Mehjabeen recalls.

Visionary leadership at Raychem RPG

Under her leadership, Raychem RPG embarked on a significant ERP transformation, moving to a SaaS-based model. Mehjabeen describes this journey as “a testament to the power of strategic vision and the relentless pursuit of modernization and efficiency in our technological practices.”

Navigating challenges with strategic foresight

Discussing the alignment of technology with business goals, Mehjabeen highlights, “The real challenge has always been in demonstrating the strategic value of technology, not just as a support mechanism but as a pivotal driver of business growth.”

Empowering teams through leadership

Mehjabeen’s leadership philosophy centers on building a continuous learning and empathy culture. “Fostering a team that is innovative and resilient requires more than just technical skill development; it requires building a supportive environment where each member feels valued,” she emphasizes.

The transformative impact of AI and beyond

Reflecting on AI’s transformative impact, Mehjabeen shares, “AI and its derivatives have not only changed the landscape of industries but have also redefined what is possible, ushering in a new era of innovation and opportunity.”

Looking ahead: emerging technologies and their potential

On the horizon of emerging technologies, Mehjabeen expresses cautious optimism. “While blockchain and Web3 present intriguing possibilities, their true impact remains to be seen. It’s about keeping an open mind and staying adaptable to the changes these technologies may bring,” she asserts.

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