Tikona Infinet Hosts ISP Business from STT GDC India Data Centres

Tikona Infinet is a Mumbai-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a Class-A licence to provide services across the country. Established in 2008 by industry veterans and backed by reputed investors, the company offers secured broadband services in 26 cities. Using advanced technologies, such as OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency-Divisional Multiplexing) and MIMO (Multiple-Input and Multiple Output), Tikona Infinet provides wireless access to the last mile. To deliver secure access, the ISP uses Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2), a protocol that enables higher data protection and network access security.

Tikona Infinet?s services include MPLS, Virtual Private Network, Wi-Fi solutions, and leased line Internet access for enterprises and a range of broadband options for homes. It has more than 2.5 lakh customers, of which one fourth are enterprise customers.

The company envisions building a powerful broadband-enabled network through technological innovation to facilitate the delivery of leading-edge voice, video, IT applications, and multimedia content.

Customer Challenge

As a company focused on innovation and customer satisfaction, Tikona Infinet invests a lot of time and resources on experimenting with technology and strengthening systems as well as processes to enhance customer satisfaction.

One of the most important business objectives is to ensure high-speed connectivity and the second is to enable secure internet access with due authorization and authentication to protect users from vulnerability attacks.

The need for a robust technological backbone for an ISP like Tikona Infinet cannot be overemphasized as many of its customers run mission-critical businesses on its network. To achieve its objectives, Tikona Infinet needed a world-class data centre partner which would provide the necessary infrastructure, enabling it to focus on achieving its business objectives.

STT GDC India Solution

Tikona Infinet uses STT GDC India?s colocation facilities in Bengaluru and Mumbai, wherein STT GDC India provides the best-in-class infrastructure provisioning, along with the necessary power and cooling to run the data centre, allowing Tikona Infinet to focus on innovation and top notch internet service to customers.

While the Mumbai data centre is used for core operations, which includes providing authentication to retail customers and interconnect services to other child cities, the Bengaluru data centre facilitates interconnect services for its domestic customers using STT GDC India?s interconnected services.

Tikona Infinet has used STT GDC India since inception and the partnership has grown stronger over the years. STT GDC India has consistently evolved its offerings to meet the expanding needs of Tikona Infinet. As Tikona Infinet?s base grew year after year, requiring more infrastructure, it relies on STT GDC India to support its growing business.

The purpose-built data centres enabled Tikona Infinet to quickly access resources to accommodate growth, while focusing on cutting-edge technology to manage operations, deliver innovative services with low-latency, and enhance customer experience.

Security is a key requirement for ISP business as its customers host sensitive information. STT GDC India provides five layers of security?on the perimeter; facility; floor and at the cabinet level with tools and process that control access, detect intrusions, and identify personnel.

Following global best practices, STT GDC India data centre?s physical security is certified by global standards and frameworks, enabling Tikona Infinet to deliver secure connectivity and meet the compliance and regulatory requirements
of clients.

Customer Benefits

Tikona Infinet is a leader in its market segment with the help of STT GDC India?s colocation solutions. Ashwin Suvarna, General Manager – NOC and ISP Operations, Tikona Infinet says, ?STT GDC India has a good understanding of our business and has enabled us to deliver high performance by working as an extension of our team.?

STT GDC India has delivered a high level of security with multiple layers of redundancy across physical security, power, cooling, and network, which are a business imperative for Tikona Infinet.

In addition, the following benefits have been accrued to the customer:

  • Enabled Tikona Infinet to meet stringent security and compliance requirements, thereby meeting its customers? SLAs.
  • Enabled focus on high customer satisfaction with operational excellence and high-speed access, instead of spending time in undifferentiated heavy lifting, such as managing data centre power and cooling, racking, and stacking of servers.

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