Top 5 Things AI Can Do for Global Capability Centers

In India, Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are currently at the epicenter of a profound paradigm shift. They are rapidly transitioning towards artificial intelligence (AI)-focused competency and innovation frameworks, heralding a new era of operational efficiency and strategic excellence. In this transformative journey, GCCs are embracing AI and becoming pioneers in developing AI capabilities, charting strategic roadmaps, and co-creating innovative value propositions in collaboration with their parent organizations’ business units.

Strategic evolution- GCCs as AI competency centers

GCCs are no longer mere support units but have evolved into strategic powerhouses in their own right. They are actively cultivating AI competencies to meet the dynamic demands of today’s business landscape. This evolution involves acquiring and nurturing AI talents, investing in cutting-edge technologies, and developing a deep understanding of AI applications that align with their organizational goals. In this context, there are several ways that GCCs are leveraging AI to their advantage. 

Pioneering operational excellence

GCCs often find themselves at the epicenter of complex operational challenges, managing various tasks that vary in scale and intricacy. AI is proving to be the ultimate problem-solving companion. It creates a panacea through process automation, with AI-driven bots and algorithms adeptly handling repetitive and rule-based tasks. Whether data entry, invoice processing, or supply chain management, AI minimizes errors and accelerates operations, ushering in newfound efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

Advanced data analytics for informed decision-making

Data is the currency of the digital realm, and GCCs understand this better than most. AI-driven data analytics takes this currency and transmutes it into gold. Predictive analytics foretells future trends, enabling proactive problem-solving and seizing of opportunities. Meanwhile, prescriptive analytics guides decision-makers with optimal actions, paving the way for more efficient processes and resource allocation. Now backed by AI, GCCs transform data into a strategic asset, making them more agile and competitive. 

Enhanced customer experience and support

In the age of heightened customer expectations, GCCs recognize AI’s pivotal role in enhancing customer support. AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants now stand ready 24/7, responding instantly to customer inquiries. Imagine a world where your queries are met with swift, accurate solutions, all thanks to AI. Personalization is another ace up AI’s sleeve, allowing GCCs to offer tailor-made product recommendations and services, leading to elevated customer satisfaction and unwavering loyalty.

Reimagining talent acquisition

Today, recruitment processes are being streamlined by AI, which automatically screens resumes and matches candidates to job requirements with unparalleled efficiency. But AI’s impact extends beyond recruitment; it also embraces employee engagement and retention. AI-powered HR tools analyze employee feedback, suggesting improvements that foster a thriving work environment. Moreover, GCCs are transforming, adopting an AI-centric model that creates AI, data engineering, and design roles. This blend of internal skill development and external talent acquisition nurtures expertise in these pivotal domains.

Fortifying risk management and compliance

In an era of evolving risks, GCCs are turning to AI for advanced risk assessment and compliance solutions. AI algorithms act as vigilant sentinels, detecting irregular patterns in financial transactions, spotting potential fraud or anomalies, and ensuring adherence to ever-evolving regulatory standards. By leveraging AI for risk management and compliance, GCCs are fortifying their operations and safeguarding their invaluable reputation.

In the journey towards AI-centric transformation, GCCs are at the forefront, driving innovation and reshaping industries. Their role extends beyond operational efficiency; they are now architects of strategic advantage. The benefits they derive from AI adoption are not just numbers on a report; they are the markers of a new period where AI becomes an indispensable tool for unlocking unprecedented potential.

Mohua Sengupta is the Managing Director at Mashreq Global Network.
Image Source: Freepik
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