Virtusa Launches Helio to Help Enterprises Harness GenAI to Accelerate Outcomes

AI-first set of services, offerings, and solutions will guide organizations through fast-moving genAI-powered transformations

Virtusa Corporation, a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering and IT services and solutions, announced the launch of Virtusa Helio, a new suite of platforms, accelerators, and consulting services that empowers organizations to leverage genAI effectively in their digital transformation initiatives. Built with Virtusa’s Engineering First ethos at its core, Helio will help enterprises navigate their genAI journeys confidently, always with an end solution in mind that creates business value at scale.

Gartner® forecasts that “by 2030 every dollar of GDP, created anywhere on the planet, will be influenced by AI”, “every person in a developed country will have an interaction with at least one AI instance every single day”, and “100% of IT development will incorporate AI in the design, development, testing, or supporting production.”

Virtusa’s own research reveals near universal optimism for enterprise adoption of gen AI, with 90% of respondents saying that AI can make their organizations more efficient. But while the eagerness to adopt genAI is clear, the path to implementation is less so.

“In a matter of months, generative AI has swept the business world with a speed and impact that we have not seen since the dawn of the Internet,” said Santosh Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of Virtusa Corporation. “Enterprises are eager to adopt genAI; however, implementing it at scale in a way that integrates with organizations’ existing digital transformation plans has proven difficult. Virtusa Helio has been designed with engineering at its heart and will help these companies fundamentally reinvent themselves to take advantage of a transformative new era.”

The Virtusa Helio suite of genAI tools

A key component of Virtusa Helio is a suite of four proprietary platforms and accelerators that will help enterprises innovate using genAI and drive engineering efficiencies through the software development and maintenance lifecycle. These tools include:

  • Helio Innovate: An experimentation ecosystem to enable ideation and prototyping using genAI and traditional AI.
  • Helio Build: A suite of solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency when developing new applications
  • Helio Enhance: A suite of solutions to accelerate legacy modernization using genAI
  • Helio Operate: A suite of genAI-powered solutions to optimize the ongoing operation of software systems and infrastructure

Virtusa Helio genAI services

In addition to the software solutions themselves, Virtusa has set up a generative AI Center of Excellence, with 450+ engineers trained in genAI with a focus on LLM usage, prompt engineering, pipeline orchestration, assisted engineering, and assurance of genAI solutions. This Center of Excellence has been equipped to support genAI offerings for our clients:

  • Consulting and advisory: Ideation, prioritization, road mapping and governance
  • Discrete solution development: Experimentation, productization, and data services
  • Assurance: Certification of genAI solutions and ongoing observability and monitoring
  • AI-assisted engineering: Developer productivity, legacy modernization, and support automation

Altogether, Virtusa Helio will combine cutting-edge software solutions with Virtusa’s Engineering First approach and technical expertise to deliver an unmatched resource for organizations seeking not only to move quickly in genAI adoption but also to adopt new solutions methodically and in a way that drives long-term success for the business.

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