Xebia says India a top growth market, plan low-code/no-code investments

Despite the difficult financial environment, IT consultancy and software development firm Xebia says it is optimistic about the Indian market and anticipates 50?60% year-over-year increase in its India revenues.

In a recent interaction with CIO&Leader, the company’s COO, Madhur Arya, said that he anticipates Indian enterprises to continue to invest in disruptive innovations, and that’s what will drive the growth. Xebia primarily supports banks’ digital transformation initiatives in India.

?There is certainly an impact of slowdown on the western nations. However, if I compare back to 2017, before COVID, I think we are normalizing. And when it comes to India and APAC, in particular, I?ve not seen much of an impact [on business]. That?s what gives us confidence to continue to invest in India and APAC,? Arya states.

Arya listed some of the major issues that CIOs and IT decision makers are currently confronting as establishing strong talent pipelines, integrating technology, and making decisions at speed. To address these issues, technological decision-makers are anticipated to place a high priority on technologies like the cloud, automation, and business intelligence. ?We are investing heavily in automation technology as well as low- and no-code solutions. In order to assist students in learning these cutting-edge technologies, there is a strong focus on creating a talent pipeline in the India market and running our own batches in collaboration with colleges,? Arya says.

The company has recently acquired low-code solutions provider Netlink Digital Solutions Group (NDS) from Netlink Software Group America (Netlink). 

Founded in 2001, the company employs about 5500 people worldwide, including about 2500 in India. To serve its clients and ambitious expansion objectives, it intends to hire an additional 1000?1200 personnel in India. It also intends to acquire enterprises in areas such as artificial intelligence, DevOps, cloud computing, augmented reality, and virtual reality.


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