FC Barcelona Selects Fortinet as Its Official Cybersecurity Partner

FC Barcelona and Fortinet, the global cybersecurity leader driving the convergence of networking and security, have signed a sponsorship agreement through which Fortinet becomes Espai Barça’s new Official Cybersecurity Partner for the next three seasons, until 30 June 2028. As part of the agreement, FC Barcelona will enable a secure digital environment for its Spotify Camp Nou facilities leveraging Fortinet’s industry-leading Security Fabric platform, which will serve as a global reference for technological innovation in the world of sport and entertainment.

The alliance between the Club and Fortinet is part of the sponsorship program associated with the
future Spotify Camp Nou and has been made possible thanks to their shared goals of integrating the
most innovative technological systems into the future Stadium. FC Barcelona is committed to turning
Espai Barça into an international innovation hub, at the forefront of new technologies. In this sense,
this alliance reaffirms the Club’s commitment to partnering with leading companies and integrating
the most innovative technology into the new stadium.

This partnership represents a new opportunity for the sponsorship program, created specifically for
one of the most important projects in the Club’s history. It will open up new opportunities, both for
companies that sell directly to consumers (B2C) and, as is the case for Fortinet, for companies
focused on the business sector (B2B), taking advantage of the global visibility and prestige of FC
Barcelona and the importance of what will be one of the world’s leading stadia.

Cybersecurity Enhances Visitor and User Experience
As part of the agreement, FC Barcelona will implement Fortinet’s Security Fabric platform, including
FortiGate next-generation firewalls, to secure stadium Wi-Fi, OT infrastructure, and the data center.
Fortinet’s Zero Trust Network Access and endpoint security will protect users and devices accessing applications from any location. Additionally, centralized management with AI-powered security
analytics will offer comprehensive network visibility. These technologies will integrate seamlessly
with FC Barcelona’s existing IT investments, enhancing security and efficiency across Spotify Camp

Espai Barça, More Than a Stadium
Espai Barça is a revolutionary project in the world of sport and entertainment that seeks to update
and expand the FC Barcelona facilities, including the emblematic Spotify Camp Nou, and transform
it into the best sports complex in the centre of a major city. Having the best cybersecurity solutions
through our collaboration with Fortinet is key to achieving this goal by ensuring a secure digital
environment and offering the best possible experience to all members and fans who visit the

Fortinet has been a driving force behind the progress in cybersecurity, responsibly delivering
solutions by innovating sustainable security technologies, diversifying cybersecurity talent, and
promoting responsible businesses and environments. Fortinet’s experience is essential for such a
large project as Espai Barça, as its work with recognized public and private entities, including
computer emergency response teams (CERTs), government agencies and the academic world, are
a fundamental aspect of Fortinet’s commitment to improving cyber-resilience around the world.

“Espai Barça must be the catalyst for the Club’s digital transformation, and cybersecurity is a
fundamental pillar. Our alliance with Fortinet ensures that our facilities will have the most advanced
protection and a secure digital environment for all those who visit the Stadium. This collaboration
highlights our commitment to innovation and technology and the Club’s commitment to offer the best
experience.” Remarks from Juli Guiu, vice-president of FC Barcelona’s Marketing Area

“Building on Fortinet’s history of cybersecurity innovation spanning more than 20 years, we’re proud
to support FC Barcelona’s ambitious vision to create an international innovation hub powered by
industry-leading, cutting-edge technologies. Our shared goal of developing Spotify Camp Nou into
one of the world’s leading stadiums is made possible by leveraging the Fortinet Security Fabric
platform to secure its digital environment.” Remarks from John Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer of Fortinet

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