TMRW has partnered with Google Cloud to Revolutionize Fashion

Bewakoof, the trendsetting fashion brand, of TMRW, an Aditya Birla Venture, announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to empower users to explore Generative AI to make a personal statement with unique fashionable t-shirts from  

Google Cloud’s Generative AI capabilities empower businesses to innovate and transform experiences. Leveraging advanced models like Gemini, Google Cloud offers tools and infrastructure for building and deploying generative AI applications. This technology enables the creation of new content, including text, images, and code, unlocking creative potential and improving efficiency across industries. With a focus on responsible AI development, Google Cloud ensures ethical and secure use of generative AI, while providing businesses with the resources to stay at the forefront of technological advancement.

“Now you can create your own designs on T-shirts with the website and app that leverages Google GenAI capabilities and get it delivered to your homes.” said Manjunath Talwar, Chief Product and Technology Officer at TMRW. “Our collaboration with Google Cloud is a testament to our commitment to harnessing the power of Gen AI. At TMRW, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring exciting and personalized experiences to our customers using technology” 
“We are excited to partner with Google to bring the power of GenAI to the hands of our consumers – enabling expression and personal connection. – All Eyes on You” said Prashanth Aluru, CEO at TMRW

This partnership allows Bewakoof to access Google’s ‘text to image’ first party model Imagen via a simple API call. Users will be able to input simple text descriptions and the AI will generate corresponding images tailored to their specifications. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with of TMRW, a brand known for its forward-thinking approach and vibrant offerings,” said Bikram Bedi, VP and Country MD at Google Cloud India. “Our Generative AI solutions, especially use of the latest Imagen model, provides the ideal foundation for Bewakoof to bring its creative image generation tool to life. We’re excited to see the unique ways their customers will embrace this technology.” 

Key Benefits for Bewakoof Users include: 

 Unleash Creativity: Effortlessly generate original images, illustrations, and designs with just a few words. 
 Personalization: Control the image generation process to perfectly match individual styles and preferences. 
 Enhance Product Visualizations: Create compelling product images, showcasing different designs and color
variations with ease. 
 Make Your Own Fashion Statement: Wear T-shirts that are powered by your and Generative AI creativity

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