HCLTech expands AI Capabilities with Google Cloud’s Gemini

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HCLTech, a global technology company, recently announced the integration of Google’s multimodal large language model (LLM) Gemini with its patented and system-agnostic GenAI platform.

“Enterprises often struggle to scale GenAI opportunities beyond the proof-of-concept stage without incurring high costs. HCLTech AI Force enables faster time-to-market and higher efficiencies in the product engineering life cycle,” said Vijay Guntur, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Ecosystems, HCLTech in a press release.

“Our AI-driven approach to software engineering, support and maintenance provides an efficient and effective alternative for modernizing engineering processes using GenAI.”

According to HCLTech, its AI Force will provide accessibility and support for Gemini applications along with security and governance measures. 

“Bringing Gemini models to HCLTech AI Force will help enable businesses choosing GenAI to start smart and finish faster. AI Force is accelerating the availability of our catalog of Gemini-enhanced Industry Solutions,” said Siki Giunta, Executive Vice President, CloudSMART and Google Cloud Ecosystem, HCLTech.

Recently HCLTech also announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to train 25,000 of its engineers on Google Cloud’s GenAI technology. 

According to the press release, this initiative is designed to support clients comprehensively through their AI project lifecycles, from inception to implementation, by creating new use cases and enhancing HCLTech’s existing platforms and products.

“Gemini for Google Cloud can enhance many areas of enterprise work, such as helping developers build applications more quickly and improving how financial analysts report on their businesses,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud. 

“By enabling 25,000 engineers on Google Cloud’s latest generative AI technology, HCLTech can provide the expertise and technical skills that clients need to successfully deploy and manage gen AI projects at scale.”

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