KOGO announces its plan to build free AI agents for companies to accelerate AI adoption

KOGO, a deep tech AI company offering a proprietary AI OS, announced its plan to build free AI agents to accelerate AI adoption among enterprises, developers and SMEs. The company announced its plan at an event organised in association with build3, a startup studio focused on building impact-oriented startups, in Goa recently. 

The event brought together 27 startup founders and developers from India, who learnt how to build AI agents on KOGO’s proprietary AI OS, enabling these companies to improve productivity and reduce operational expenses by 80%. The event drew startup founders, hackers and developers who are keen on AI adoption. Entrepreneurs and developers from PayTM, Workplete, Dreamio, TakeBack, Micro.Company, build3, Soulucation, The Nudge Institute, Offbeat Goa, Snapps, Organiko, and Innoshaft technologies, took part in the event and learned about small language models, and how an Ai agent can improve their productivity. 

“The event organised in association with build3, was not only to help startups build AI assistants on top of KOGO’s platform, but also to educate them about small language models and how they can be very effective for specific use cases. Unlike LLMs, SLMs are modular and can be deployed on the edge. They are less expensive to run, consume less computing power and are easier to fine tune and customise to work on specific tasks,” said Raj K Gopalakrishnan, CEO & Co-Founder, KOGO. “A swarm of SLMs is the future as organisations are realising the power of self replicating experts that perform real-world tasks. We want to educate developers on how to deploy AI agents in minutes, and be at the forefront of AI adoption.” 

“We hear buzzwords like generative AI, large language models and more. The real challenge lies in technology access, understanding and the resources allocated to build secure and accurate AI agents that can be deployed effectively. This is a time consuming task, so KOGO has decided to build customised AI Agents for free, to accelerate AI adoption. At the event organised in association with build3, was a huge success and great learning for all parties involved. KOGO was able to help 27 startups set up AI agents that improve workflows and minimise operational costs for startups. We want to give back to the startup ecosystem, and helping them help themselves is the best way to do it,” said Praveer Kochhar, CPO & Co-Founder of KOGO, who led the educational event in Goa. 

Generative AI and LLMs have disrupted the world but for these technologies to be truly adopted by businesses, they need more than just the existing technologies to automate tasks and workflows. Adding to these challenges is that most generative AI-based solutions focus largely on customer support, leaving a wide gap in the numerous areas within an organisation where this technology can be deployed. Additionally, businesses need apps to build AI agents that work for specific use cases. KOGO is offering build customised platforms for free, so organisations can use any language model that suits their needs.  

KOGO AI OS, is India’s first AI Agent OS, where businesses can build, manage and deploy millions of AI Agents within minutes. KOGO’s innovative approach empowers organisations of all sizes to deploy multiple small language models (SLMs) that function as highly intelligent domain experts. These agents operate individually and collectively as a swarm, offering agility and cost-effectiveness. More importantly, KOGO’s AI agents can perform real-world tasks unlike any other AI solution on the market. They can serve as a travel desk, a researcher, sales assistant, social media manager, business analyst, office assistant, customer support agent or any other specific domain that accelerates productivity, and improves ROI on AI investments.  

Speaking about the event organised by KOGO AI and build3, Pradeep CP, Founder, Workaroo, said, “I had the opportunity to attend Praveer’s session on Building with AI agents. Traditionally, we handled KYC manually, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, after the session with Praveer, I discovered that KOGO has the potential to automate these tasks, performing them 1,000 to 10,000 times faster than our manual methods. This efficiency not only promises significant time savings but also enhances accuracy and scalability. I am excited to implement Kogo.ai and witness the transformative impact it will have on our operations. Praveer and his team have developed a remarkable solution that is set to revolutionize our approach to KYC.”

“Attending Praveer’s session, the Co-Founder of Kogo, was eye-opening. I learned how AI Agents are set to automate a lot of multi-step tasks, cutting costs for companies and freeing up people’s time. The potential of AI to boost productivity in any department is incredible. What really stood out to me was how AI and humans can work together to achieve a better work-life balance, giving us more time to explore and enjoy life. I’m really excited about the future of AI after this session!,” said Aditya Gupta, Founder, On Hire.

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