Innover focuses on AI and Metaverse to help businesses enhance productivity, CX

Innover, a digital transformation company, is leveraging AI and the Metaverse to enhance business efficiency and productivity. Organizations today face the challenge of maximizing the value derived from their technology investments while delivering exceptional user experiences. The company says that it has developed AI-ML-driven solutions to help enterprises identify and resolve bottlenecks, ultimately boosting productivity.

This enables organizations to engage with their customers more personalized and immersively.

Rakesh Prasad, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Solutions at Innover, emphasizes the importance of tangible business value from technology and digital investments. CIOs play a crucial role in driving digital transformation initiatives that align with strategic goals and provide measurable returns on investment. Prasad highlights the need for a comprehensive evaluation of current and future business needs and a deep understanding of technology trends such as legacy system upgrades, cloud adoption, and cybersecurity.  

?At Innover, we believe that the context of the business problem is far more critical, while technology can only be an enabler in solving it. We empower businesses to align their technology investments with their business priorities, enabling them to invest in the right technology, people, and processes to realize tangible business outcomes,? Prasad says.

To propel businesses to success, the Atlanta-based technology and process digitization company emphasizes its connected studio approach as a solution. The company offers three service studios: Data & Insights, Digital Experiences, and Digital Operations ? that it claims work in tandem to help its customers accelerate digital transformation. 

Rakesh states that the studios are their way of representing practice areas or centers of excellence. ?Instead of thinking of each studio as its island, we connect them internally. That allows us to unlock the full impact of our problem-solving and ROI-focused mindset,? he adds.

Establishing trust

Establishing trust in data is a critical challenge for modern enterprises. Prasad suggests utilizing AI and automation to implement rigorous data cleansing, profiling, and benchmarking processes. Comprehensive data governance policies and procedures ensure data is collected, processed, stored, and shared securely and compliantly, building stakeholder trust. Data democratization, enabling secure and role-based access to employee data, and promoting data literacy across the organization through training and resources are also essential for success.

Metaverse as an opportunity

Innover recognizes the potential of the Metaverse as an opportunity for businesses to explore new possibilities. In industries such as the consumer industry, Metaverse use cases can provide immersive experiences for virtual tours, shopping, and office spaces. It also offers a safe environment for employee training and development, allowing technicians to practice resolving issues without risks. 
For a leading Telecom company, Innover is building AR/VR and analytics-powered Metaverse Lounge to address all questions and issues related to the network and across the complete connected home ecosystem covering Apple, Amazon, Google, and other leading connected products.
Innover is actively working with clients on Intelligent Process Automation, leveraging AI-powered solutions with minimal human dependence to redefine enterprise-wide process automation for increased productivity and efficiency.
Overall, Innover’s focus on AI, the Metaverse, and intelligent automation positions them to assist businesses in realizing maximum value from their technology investments while driving efficiency and productivity.

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