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A tele-medicine app for mobile devices

This application is set to reduce the cost of remote healthcare consultation in a big way

By Atanu Kumar Das

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Making Organisations Agile Calls for a Cultural Shift Too

CIO plays an important role and so will senior IT managers, as they are expected to bring in speed and agility and acquire the tools necessary to bring in the required transformation

By Les Bonney, Chief Operating Officer, Qlik


How to Avoid Changing Your Passwords Every Time There’s an Attack...

Security experts’ dirty little secret: They don’t change their passwords very often, because they don’t need to. Here’s what they do that can work for you too.



3D Printing will Transform the Corporate IT Environment

Vishal Awal, Executive Director, Services, Xerox South Asia, elaborates on how the Next Generation MPS is designed to build momentum and deliver new value that helps customers of all sizes realise cost savings up to 30 per cent with increased efficiencies....

By Geetha N