CEAT achieves significant productivity gain from Zebra visibility solutions… - CIO&Leader
It led to overall gains in cost efficiency and customer satisfaction
Jun 21, 2018


"CIOs today shouldn't just respond to business requirements" - CIO&Leader
Should CIOs be hired from business? T G Dhandapani, Advisor – Digital Transformation & former...
Jun 06, 2018
"A CIO should come from the heart of the IT community" - CIO&Leader
Should CIOs be hired from business?...
Jun 04, 2018
CIOs have gradually realized the importance of strategic investments - CIO&Leader
Ajay Kumar Meher, SVP & Head - IT,...
May 02, 2018


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NEXTCSO 2018 Winners, Shweta Nair, Sanjeev Lamba and Venkateshan Raman shares their views on how GDPR will impact their businesses
Jun 06, 2018



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