Check Point SecureAcademy Launches Special Program Offering Content and Services

In a time when cyber threats are on the rise and the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals is becoming more acute, Check Point Infinity Global Services SecureAcademy is pleased to introduce a new grant initiative. This initiative is designed to provide educational institutions and nonprofit organizations with the essential resources needed to up their cyber security training programs. The SecureAcademy Grant will provide each existing and new SecureAcademy partner with an annual grant worth up to $60,000 in content and services. This initiative underscores Check Point’s commitment to fostering the next generation of cyber security professionals and addressing the global skills gap in this critical field.

Driving Educational Excellence

This grant initiative is designed to adjust our offering to the academic community, where vendor programs in the form of grants, which institutions are constantly looking for are common. The SecureAcademy Grant will strengthen existing partnerships, revive former partnerships, and promote new connections. By providing these resources, more students will be able to enjoy these cyber security trainings and enhance their cyber security skills.

Empowering the Future of Cyber Security

Check Point SecureAcademy provides high-quality cyber security education worldwide through partnerships with higher learning institutions and nonprofit organizations. By collaborating with Check Point, institutions can equip students with the vital technology skills necessary to secure our digital future.

“The SecureAcademy Grant serves as a beacon of empowerment, leveling the playing field and providing equal opportunities for all to pursue their dreams and ambitions,” says Muyassar Bukhari, SecureAcademy partner at Cybersafe Foundation. “By removing barriers and fostering inclusivity, SecureAcademy empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive and contribute to a more equitable society.”

The program was established to meet the growing demand for comprehensive training pathways for individuals aspiring to enter the cyber security field. SecureAcademy supports students from higher education institutes and nonprofit organizations globally by offering essential cyber security skills and learning resources. These courses cover multiple fields, including Cloud, Networks, and Endpoints, providing students with real-world experience.

SecureAcademy partners also enjoy content by external vendors, such as EC-Council’s Essentials modules for digital forensics, ethical hacking, and network defense, as well as Cybrary courses, including PowerShell for security professionals and developing ethical hacking tools with Python.

Building Careers in Cyber Security

SecureAcademy is a vital component of the Infinity Global Services organization at Check Point. The program collaborates with prestigious institutions around the world to prepare students for successful careers in cyber security. 

Through SecureAcademy, students have access to industry-recognized courses and heavily discounted exams while benefiting from hands-on experience with Check Point’s technology to learn how to administer solutions in real-world scenarios.

“Partnering with SecureAcademy opens doors to a realm of career opportunities, equipping individuals with the specialized skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of digital security,” says Jeff Salter, SecureAcademy partner at the University of South Carolina. “Through SecureAcademy, not only do you gain knowledge and expertise, but you also become part of a dynamic network that fosters growth and innovation in the field. Through this opportunity, three of my former students are now employed by Check Point.”

Check Point offers numerous opportunities for individuals looking to start their journey in this dynamic field, with clear pathways for career progression within the organization.

“We are deeply committed at Check Point to foster the next generation of cyber security professionals. Our SecureAcademy program equips educational institutions and nonprofit organizations with valuable resources, empowering them to enhance their cyber security training programs,” remarked Shay Solomon, Director of Check Point Infinity Global Services. “By collaborating with our partners, we aim to address the global skills gap in this critical field and secure our digital future.”

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