Cloud Security Concerns Rise Among Indian Enterprises: 75% Expect OT Security Changes in 3-5 Years

Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, has published its State of OT Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Trends, Risks, and Cyber Resilience report. The report surveyed 1,979 operational technology and IT business leaders across 23 countries globally, including 103 Indian leaders, to understand the trends, risks, and cyber resilience strategies within OT environments, offering insights into the challenges faced by organizations across the globe.

Rampant cyber attacks paralyze Indian industries, draining profits and inciting costly recovery efforts. Amidst rising threats, industrial operators grapple with stricter compliance and unprecedented risks linked to AI, remote access, cloud computing, 5G, and robotics. In response, urgent calls demand a reinvented cybersecurity approach to safeguard operations in the modern era.  

India faced four cyber attacks daily in the past year: Previously, industrial operations were thought to be invulnerable to cyber attacks due to their air-gapped systems, legacy assets, proprietary technologies, and fragmented end markets. This assumption no longer holds true. 75% of Indian respondents stated that their organizations experienced at least one cyber attack in the past year. Equally alarming is the frequency of these attacks, 63% of respondents were experiencing attacks often monthly or weekly.           

Anil Valluri, MD and VP, Palo Alto Networks India and SAARC said: “Amidst the evolving cyber battlefield, the call for unity grows louder. Our findings illuminate the urgency for consolidation of strategies, teams, and solutions. As Indian enterprises confront the looming challenges of cloud transitions, AI threats, and team frictions, a unified approach is our strongest shield. By consolidating efforts and embracing Zero Trust principles, we not only fortify our defenses but also pave the path for a resilient digital future, where collaboration conquers complexity. While it’s commendable to witness industrial operators prioritizing cybersecurity, relying on fragmented approaches won’t suffice. Shockingly, 75% of attacks in India stem from vulnerabilities within their internal IT systems. Without bridging the gap between IT and OT, even the most robust cybersecurity strategies and investments will fall short.”.            

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