Cloudera Unveils New Observability Offerings for On-Premises and Public Cloud Data Centers

Cloudera, the only true hybrid platform for data, analytics, and AI, announced two new offerings for Cloudera Observability Premium designed to simplify and automate platform administration. These premium tier features provide a single source of observability across all cloud-based and on-premises data centers, even for the most secure enterprises.

With the increasing demand for strategic insights from technologies like GenAI and the rise of data
privacy and security regulations, there is an increasing need for full visibility into enterprise data sources
and workflows. Cloudera’s expanded Cloudera Observability suite empowers enterprises with highly
secure networks to operate observability entirely within their data centers or on the public cloud.

Cloudera’s two new solutions in its Cloudera Observability suite include:
● Cloudera Observability Premium On-Premises allows customers with highly secure networks to
run observability entirely within their data centers. This solution ensures optimal monitoring,
troubleshooting, financial governance, data observability, and automated actions, even in air-
gapped configurations.
● Cloudera Observability Premium for Public Cloud Data Hub extends all the advanced premium
capabilities to public cloud users, including real-time monitoring, advanced financial governance, automated actions, and data observability.

With the addition of both these offerings, enterprises can now leverage high-value features such as real-
time monitoring for Data Hub clusters, jobs, and queries, financial governance with new cost factors and
capacity forecasting, workload views, alerts, and automated actions, along with data observability with
hot and cold table analysis. These features aim to maximize investment, streamline self-service
troubleshooting, and enhance visibility into resource costs and usage.

“The evolving landscape of data management in India demands robust observability solutions. To leverage this opportunity, Cloudera has introduced these offerings, providing comprehensive visibility and control to help enterprises navigate complex data environments with ease and precision,” says Mayank Baid, Regional Vice President, India, Cloudera. “As Indian businesses increasingly adopt cloud technologies and face stringent data privacy regulations, having reliable observability features is crucial. These new solutions will empower organizations to optimize their data operations, maintain compliance, and drive innovation by leveraging real-time insights and automated actions tailored to the unique needs of the Indian market.”

“Real-time correlations and contextual information are essential for identifying optimization points and
potential bottlenecks along with prescriptive recommendations,” said industry analyst, Sanjeev Mohan.
“Implementing advanced observational capabilities is critical for enterprises as they provide real-time
system insights that enable proactive issue resolution and enhance security, ultimately leading to operations and reduced risks. Cloudera’s expanded Observability offering enables enterprises to tackle
this head on by building a new standard for hybrid data observability across on-premises and public

This release is a key expansion for Cloudera Observability, designed to continuously discover and collect
performance telemetry data across applications, services, and infrastructure components running in
enterprises’ Cloudera environments.

“There is immense pressure on enterprises to better manage data resources and efficiently leverage data across the organization,” said Dipto Chakravarty, Chief Product Officer at Cloudera. “Cloudera Observability helps enterprises maximize cost-efficiency, enhance performance, and unlock intelligent insights. The new premium additions deepen these insights for enterprises and builds on our commitment to help customers take back control of their data, analytics, and AI.”

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