EPAM has launched a survey report on From AI to Generative AI

AI and Generative AI-led technologies are changing the future of modern businesses, and every sector is looking to harness its potential. However, behind this technology revolution, it is the modern engineers who are at the forefront of this disruption. EPAM Systems, Inc. , a leading global digital transformation services and product engineering company, and CyberMedia Research commissioned a joint study to better understand modern engineers’ perspectives around AI and generative AI. The study covered 800+ modern engineers aged 25 years and above, with top skillsets cutting across Data Engineering, Analytics, Product & Platform Engineering, Cloud Transformation & Migration, Testing, Digital Experience Engineering, Al Prompt Engineering, and others.

Commenting on the report’s launch, Ms. Elaina Shekhter, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at EPAM said,”At EPAM, we see AI as a game-changer for modern engineers, and the survey results echo this sentiment. The enthusiasm for AI’s potential to boost careers and productivity is clear, and we’re committed to making this a reality for our engineers. By equipping our engineers to become AI collaborators, not competitors, we will be able to unlock a new era of innovation and efficiency, where they leverage AI’s power to automate mundane tasks, gain deeper data-driven insights, and focus on the truly creative and strategic aspects of engineering.  Ultimately, AI is the future of engineering and EPAM is here to empower our engineers to lead the way.”

Mr. Srinivas Reddy, Managing Director at EPAM India further added, “EPAM is the home of the modern engineer, and our survey findings on AI adoption resonate deeply. Engineers see the immense potential of AI to boost careers and productivity, and companies need to bridge the knowledge gap and equip our engineers with the skills and support they need to thrive in the AI era. The survey reinforces our commitment to continuous learning and development. By providing comprehensive training resources, fostering a culture of collaboration and addressing head-on anxieties around job security, we can empower our engineers to not only understand AI but also leverage its power to become even more innovative and productive.  After all, AI should not be seen as a replacement but, as a powerful tool that can elevate the work our engineers do.”

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