HCLTech and Arm collaborate on custom silicon chips optimized for AI workloads 

HCLTech, a leading global technology company, and Arm, a leading technology provider of processor IP, announced their collaboration to augment custom silicon chips that support AI-driven business operations.

The partnership will bring to market solutions that enable semiconductor manufacturers, system OEMs and cloud services providers to enhance the computing efficiency of their data center environments and meet evolving customer demands.

HCLTech will leverage pre-integrated Arm® Neoverse™ Compute Subsystems  to help clients minimize development risks and swiftly deliver innovative, market-customized solutions geared toward improved performance and scalability for AI workloads.

HCLTech has preferential access to Neoverse CSS as a member of Arm Total Design, an ecosystem that brings together industry leaders to accelerate frictionless delivery of Arm-based custom silicon chips. This access empowers HCLTech to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies designed to efficiently manage AI workloads, including meeting the future demands of data center environments.

“HCLTech’s collaboration with Arm will contribute to the development of industry-leading custom AI silicon solutions that will revolutionize the way AI workloads are addressed in data center environments. Together, we look forward to spearheading technology advancement and innovation in the semiconductor industry,” said Ameer Saithu, Executive Vice President, Engineering and R&D Services, HCLTech.

“Through Arm Total Design, our partners can leverage the expertise and support of other industry leaders to bring custom silicon solutions to market faster. HCLTech is a welcome addition to the ecosystem, and we are excited to see how they leverage their custom AI silicon capabilities and Arm Neoverse CSS to innovate next-generation solutions,” said Guru Ganesean, President of Arm India.

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