Infor Launches Industry Specific GenAI and ESG Reporting Capabilities

Infor, the industry cloud company, announced the launch of Infor GenAI and ESG Reporting, to help customers improve productivity and report on their environmental footprint. Infor’s modern solutions, from industry-leading ERPs to supply chain solutions, run critical operations in manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and public sector, and the power of GenAI combined with unique industry capabilities and insights give customers immediate power to leverage the right data and workflows to help realize more value more quickly. Additionally, the solutions adhere to stringent security and data privacy best practices driven by Infor’s OS platform.

“We’re constantly listening to customers’ pain points and anticipating opportunities that allow customers to be successful and competitively advantaged,” said Soma Somasundaram, President and Chief Technology Officer at Infor. “When it comes to building solutions that are hyper-productive, our vision is to minimize the time customers spend in applications so that they can maximize their time focusing on their specialized work and creating value. Achieving this requires more than just humans and artificial intelligence working together. It also requires the right understanding of industry subsegments and individual workflows. As a company built around industry specificity, Infor understands the context of how people work so that we can build those best practices into our products to help enhance productivity. Infor GenAI is designed with this in mind.” 

To stay competitive, profitable, and compliant, organizations across all industries, from healthcare to manufacturing to distribution, are looking to technology to help them become more productive and agile. Infor GenAI is built to leverage customers’ industry data and processes combined with use of LLMs via appropriate orchestration to bring substantial productivity gains in the industries we serve. For example, automatic assignment of attributes for products in distribution, creating exception summary for complex projects in industrial manufacturing take away unnecessary work that users do today.

Infor ESG Reporting helps customers address the increased pressure and changing requirements from internal and external stakeholders to report on their environmental footprint. With Infor ESG Reporting, customers have the data and analytics to help drive more meaningful, measurable, and actionable change, while reporting on their environmental footprint with improved accuracy, transparency, and consistency. 

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