Odisha Police to use AI-Powered Technology First Time for Rath Yatra Traffic Management

Odisha Police is set to introduce groundbreaking AI-powered technology for the upcoming Rath Yatra, marking a historic first in its efforts towards effective traffic and crowd management. This initiative includes advanced capabilities such as congestion detection, vehicle counting, and real-time updates, all integrated seamlessly with drones and CCTV systems. This technological leap forward promises to significantly enhance traffic management and public safety, delivering real-time traffic updates to devotees through the dedicated Traffic Command and Control Room.

To ensure public safety during the Rath Yatra, Odisha Police will deploy five state-of- the-art Jaga drones equipped with public announcement systems. These drones will play a crucial role in real-time announcements, crowd management, and maintaining overall public safety, ensuring a smooth and orderly event.

Jaga drone, built by Odisha-based company IG Drones is inspired by Lord. Jagannath. This cutting-edge surveillance drone excels in security, defense, agriculture, and infrastructure monitoring. With high-res cameras and advanced sensors, its agile design ensures precise data collection and real-time surveillance.
Combining innovation with reliability, it delivers unmatched performance.

Speaking on the arrangements, Shri Dayal Gangwar, IPS, ADG Odisha Police, stated, “We are proud to announce this groundbreaking implementation of AI- powered technology for the auspicious Jagannath Rath Yatra. This marks a historic first in our unwavering commitment to public safety and efficient traffic
management. Cutting-edge solutions like real-time congestion detection, vehicle counting, and drone surveillance will be seamlessly integrated with our CCTV network, providing invaluable insights for smoother traffic flow and crowd control. For the first time ever, devotees can stay informed with our innovative WhatsApp ChatBot, providing real-time traffic updates for effortless navigation. A meticulously crafted mobility plan, including dedicated high-capacity parking zones, will ensure seamless crowd management during peak phases of the Yatra. This robust system will not only enhance public safety but also enable swifter response times in the
event of an incident”.

These innovative measures underscore Odisha Police’s commitment to transforming traffic management and enhancing public safety during the Rath Yatra, demonstrating the transformative impact of technology in creating a safer and more efficient environment for all.

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