India 2nd in AI Adoption: 58% Use AI for Code Optimization – Palo Alto Networks Survey

Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, has published its Cloud Native Security Report for 2024. The report, based on extensive research conducted across 10 countries and consulting over 2,800 cloud security and DevOps professionals, identifies AI as both a catalyst for accelerated application development in the cloud and the foremost security risk. The report findings signify that there is an urgent need for organizations to navigate the dual nature of AI in cloud security, balancing its potential for innovation with the imperative of robust threat mitigation strategies.

India from the report reveal:      

  • India second highest adopter of AI: Regional trailblazers in AI adoption include Singapore, India, and Brazil.of Indian respondents said they are using AI extensively to generate and optimize code. Taking a more conservative approach, just over half of organizations in Germany and Japan describe their adoption as moderate with selective use.
  • AI Threats: More than two in five security professionals foresee AI-powered threats evading traditional detection techniques, posing a growing risk vector. Additionally, global respondents anticipate AI-fueled supply chain attacks compromising vital software components or cloud services.
  • Consolidation Continues: Organizations grapple with the proliferation of cloud security tools, with respondents utilizing an average of 16 tools from 14 different vendors. A staggering 91% global respondents highlight the challenge of blind spots created by these disparate tools, hindering risk prioritization and threat prevention.
  • Optimizing legacy cloud applications on the rise: . This focus on legacy app optimization highlights the importance of ensuring that older systems can seamlessly integrate with cloud technologies to leverage the benefits of cloud computing efficiently.
  • Cloud spending across the world: India , along with Brazil and Japan, have a high proportion of organizations investing below $10 million in cloud computing, indicating a greater presence of small to medium-sized organizations and conservative spending strategies in these emerging markets.

Anil Valluri, MD & VP India & SAARC at Palo Alto Networks said: “The Palo Alto Networks’ Cloud Native Security Report for 2024 highlights both the immense potential and critical challenges facing India’s cloud computing landscape. With India’s relatively rapid adoption of AI, the nation is on the brink of a tech revolution that promises unprecedented innovation and efficiency. However, this also brings emerging threats, with over 40% of security professionals anticipating AI-powered attacks that evade traditional defenses. To fully harness cloud computing and AI while safeguarding against these threats, India must balance innovation with robust security measures, policy development, and the adoption of comprehensive, consolidated security solutions”

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