Phenomenal AI Launches India’s First Full Text-to-Video AI Platform

Phenomenal AI, a cutting-edge AI studio Made in India, proudly announces the launch of India’s first full text-to-video AI platform, poised to transform the landscape of video content creation. Leveraging
advanced AI and ML technologies, Phenomenal AI empowers users to generate high- quality videos from mere text descriptions, making professional video production accessible to all. With Phenomenal AI, India joins the cutting-edge, global league of just a handful of full TTV platforms like OpenAI’s Sora, Luma, Runway, Pika and Kling.

The new-age AI studio addresses the traditional challenges of video creation, providing a seamless and cost-effective solution to transform text descriptions into stunning, professional-grade videos. With its technology, users can create engaging videos for marketing, education, e-commerce, social media, and personal projects, making video creation as simple as writing a script, in this case a prompt.

Sanjay Rodrigues, Founder and CEO of Phenomenal AI, said, “Our goal is to democratize video creation, breaking down barriers and enabling anyone to bring their vision to life quickly and affordably. Our innovative platform automates tedious tasks, freeing users to focus on the art of storytelling. We’re unlocking a new wave of creativity and innovation, empowering individuals and businesses to reach
their full potential and bring their vision to life.”

Phenomenal AI looks forward to growing its user base to 1 million users in under a year from a TAM of 5 billion users in India.

Phenomenal AI’s versatile platform has been created to cater to everyone who needs to make videos. From social content marketing and advertising to education and even filmmaking, Phenomenal AI’s technology has far-reaching potential.

Meenakshi Mukherjee, Founder & CEO of Phenomenal AI, with an MBA in International Business and Finance, and Alumni of the Business Analytics Program from Harvard, outlined the company’s core values, “Guided by innovation, creativity, community, intelligence, and India-centricity, we aim to redefine AI applications, empower creative industries, and develop practical AI solutions for enterprises.”

With a strong tech and product development team operating from three continents –Asia, Europe and North America, Phenomenal AI is set to revolutionize the video creation industry in India with its groundbreaking technology, offering both a subscription and a pay-as-you-go model. This is a new market, with only a dozen or so players offering full text-to-video across the world and none in India so far though a few do offer AI video solutions for different, individual needs. With Phenomenal AI’s
full text-to-video solution, India also enters this new, but lucrative space that is exploding across the world and slated to change how we do everything.

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