Scandron Receives DGCA Approval for Small Category Agri-Drone

Scandron Private Limited, a leading innovator in agricultural drone technology, is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious Directorate General of Civil Aviation Type Certification for its advanced Agri-Drone model, SNDAG010QX8. This certification marks a significant milestone in Scandron’s mission to revolutionize the Indian agricultural sector with cutting-edge drone solutions.

The SNDAG010QX8 drone, certified under Type Certificate No. T0724000001Z, is a rotorcraft
specifically designed for agricultural applications. Falling under the small category, this drone is set
to significantly enhance the efficiency of spraying fertilizers and pesticides, crop surveillance, field
monitoring, and livestock management. With this certification, Scandron Private Limited is poised to
deliver innovative solutions that support sustainable farming practices and improve crop yields.

Magellanic Cloud’s leadership in the Agri-Drone market is further solidified with this certification. By
reducing dependency on foreign technology and components, Magellanic Cloud, through Scandron
Private Limited, is committed to supporting the Government’s Make in India initiative. This move not
only ensures a steady supply of high-quality drones tailored for Indian farmers but also fosters self-
reliance in critical technology sectors.

Mr. Joseph Sudheer Reddy Thumma, Director & Promotor, Magellanic Cloud said, “Receiving DGCA
certification for our Agri-Drone through Scandron Private Limited is a testament to our commitment
to innovation and quality in the agricultural technology sector. This milestone underscores our
dedication to supporting Indian farmers with advanced, locally-manufactured drone solutions that
enhance productivity and sustainability. We are proud to contribute to the Make in India initiative
and look forward to further empowering the agricultural community through transformative

The DGCA certification reflects the supportive regulatory environment that is crucial for the growth
of the Agri-Drone market in India. Magellanic Cloud and Scandron Private Limited are committed to
working closely with government bodies to ensure that regulations continue to promote innovation
while ensuring safety and operational efficiency.

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