Lenovo Launches Next-Gen Business-Ready AI Solutions and Advanced Liquid Cooling

Lenovo unveiled new comprehensive enterprise AI solutions designed to help any company develop and deploy AI with turnkey services, business-ready vertical solutions and energy-efficient innovations that accelerate the practical application of AI. To address AI applications of all types, the expansion includes new comprehensive services with NVIDIA through the Lenovo AI Center of Excellence, new validated AI Innovator solutions from pocket to cloud, and the 6th generation of Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling. These are designed to support the mainstream rollout of AI-ready computing without sacrificing energy efficiency.

“We are thrilled to launch new comprehensive enterprise AI solutions and services. In partnership with NVIDIA and our AI Innovators bringing pocket-to-cloud solutions, Lenovo is making AI accessible and practical for businesses of all sizes,” said Sumir Bhatia, President, AP, Lenovo ISG. “AI is not just a technology to be implemented; businesses need advanced technologies, tailored services, and energy-efficient infrastructure for effective deployment across industries. Lenovo’s new solutions provide exactly this, ensuring companies can harness AI in real time while maintaining operational efficiency and sustainability. Our goal is to empower businesses to leverage AI effectively, driving transformation across all sectors.”

“We are excited to launch Lenovo’s next-generation AI solutions and advanced liquid cooling technology. With 95% of Indian CIOs recognizing AI’s competitive advantage, our partnership with NVIDIA and the expansion of the Lenovo AI Center of Excellence enable us to provide tailored, scalable AI solutions. Moreover, these innovations ensure energy efficiency and high performance,” said Amit Luthra, MD – India, Lenovo ISG. “With our AI Innovators programs and comprehensive AI-optimized end-to-end portfolio, Lenovo is delivering robust AI solutions to the unique needs of Indian enterprises.”

Joint research with IDC and NVIDIA, commissioned by Lenovo, reveals generative AI as the top tech investment priority in 2024 among IT and business decision-makers from across the globe. The new expansion is part of Lenovo’s previously announced US$1 billion investment over three years to accelerate generative AI deployment and paves the way to “Smarter AI for All” with solutions that simplify adoption, deliver faster outcomes and maximize performance and efficiency at any stage of the AI journey.

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